Instant cash advance

Instant cash advance

Do you have trouble managing bills? Are you facing unexpected expenses to your already tight financial situation? Then a cash advance loan from MiFinance might help solve all the problems.

Our fast cash small loan won’t need a credit check from us, and even if you have a poor credit history, you’ll get your cash advance fund deposited into your bank account within 24 hours. With a minimal establishment fee and zero interest rates, cash advance loans are getting more popular every day. These fast cash loans won’t even put a scratch on your credit score.

Stop struggling when you can act smart and opt for a fast cash loan from MiFinance. Apply now for an instant cash advance small loan today through our easy online application process.

What are cash advance loans?

A cash advance loan is simply a short term loan on which you can borrow considerable loan amounts from a suitable lender. Cash advance loans sometimes come paired with payday loans pretty often.

If you face any challenging financial situation and your payday is far away, you can borrow money from us and pay us back on the day you get your salary from your service provider. If your Centrelink payments are due or suddenly you have stopped receiving Centrelink payments due to some issues, our cash advances can help you out.

With cash advance loans, you’ll get instant approval and same-day payments once we find you a responsible lender. Your financial details play a crucial role in the final approval process.

Eligibility criteria

  • Only adults can apply for a no credit check loan. It’s tailored for those who have a bad credit rating.
  • You can get any no credit check loans in Australia from MiFinance. You just have to be an Australian citizen.
  • For cash advances as well as no credit check loans, a regular income is always preferable. If you are on government benefits, we will mark that as an income source too.
  • A working phone number and authentic email ID are necessary for applying for any cash loans at MiFinance.
  • A personal bank account is required in which the funds will be transferred.

Cash advances come under no credit check loans from MiFinance. Our unsecured personal loans work fine with customers from any financial background. As there won’t be any credit checks, your bank details will determine the loan amount you can get and the maximum loan term lenders are willing to give you.

A quick and easy online application process

Our online process for a personal loan is one of the easiest in the finance market. We have made our online application form short and uncomplicated for your convenience.

  • You fill in the personal information needed to borrow money from us.
  • You upload your bank statements for the last three months.

This is all you have to do to apply for a cash advance loan from MiFinance. The rest is on our shoulders.

  • You wait until our experts approve your personal loan.
  • If your loan gets approved, we search for a responsible lender for you.
  • If both parties are comfortable, the deal is sealed.
  • We will deposit funds in your bank account within a day.

We analyse your bank statement to approve your loan application. Your credit score doesn’t determine if you’ll get a cash loan from us or not. If, under unfortunate circumstances, your cash advance loan doesn’t get approved, we’ll notify you immediately. If you face any trouble like internet issues during the application process, you can begin from where you left off from a different device after logging in.

The costs of instant cash loans

Cash advance loans don’t cost you extra money. Just like other payday loans, it follows the market standard. With each instant loan MiFinance offers, the applicable fees include a 20% establishment fee and a 4% monthly fee. The interest rates are nil with every small loan.

So, for any payday loans, the fees and charges only include a fixed establishment fee and a minimal monthly maintenance fee. Your loan amounts determine the fees and charges you’ll need to pay extra. There are no hidden fees in our loan contract. But remember how small amount loans get higher approval ratings while you apply for payday loans.

If you need a more significant loan amount, you should apply for other cash loans rather than trying to get payday loans. There are minimal interest rates in big amount loans. Unexpected expenses or emergency funds may demand such occasions, but read the lending criteria and take a good look at the annual percentage rate before you apply for big amount cash loans. Apply now for an instant cash advance loan!


Will my bad credit score affect the cash loan process?

No. We won’t conduct a credit check for you. You don’t need to have a good credit score; instead, a regular income is more necessary. A bad credit history won’t affect the approval rate of instant loans. So stop thinking and apply for a loan today. As we won’t perform a credit check, your credit rating won’t reduce if you apply online.

How will I get the money from an instant cash loan?

It’s pretty simple. You’ll get your loan amount directly transferred to your bank account. For long-term personal loans, the transfer may take some extra time, but for quick loans like a payday loan, instant loan, or day cash loans, the transfer can be completed within a few hours.

How do I pay my quick cash loans back?

For fast cash loans, a direct debit method is always preferred. We recommend our customers to follow the same for every fast loan, especially for small loans like payday loans or instant cash loans. Although, getting financial advice from an independent financial counsellor is always a wise decision.

What if I miss my repayment period for a cash advance loan?

It doesn’t matter what cash loan you missed your repayment schedule; we charge the same for all personal loans. It’s $30 for each deviation from the payment plan. A request to reduce the remaining loan amount will cost you $20, irrespective of your lender’s decision.

Are personal borrowing loans from MiFinance illegal?

No. MiFinance is a government certified finance company with an authentic Australian credit licence. We have created each loan application by following every Australian government requirement.