Quick cash loans bad credit

Quick cash loans bad credit

Are you facing financial trouble? Are you worried that major banks won’t lend you money because of your bad credit history? MiFinance is here for you. Managing bills can be tough in a tight financial condition, and a payday loan can go a long way to ease the tension. You can get a small loan today with a standard comparison rate through the easiest application process available out there.

Before rushing into borrowing small loans, you should consult an expert. Loan amounts play a crucial role in getting approved. Upload your bank details to get a higher rate of approval. Consult an expert and get an idea about how small amount loans have more approval ratings than medium loans or big amount loans.

MiFinance analyses your bank statements when you go through the application process for a small loan. With a standard comparison rate and interest rate, you can have the loan amount transferred to your account within a day.

Know how quick cash loans work and accordingly plan your loan term. Go ahead and apply for a loan today without stressing about anything. Apply now for quick cash loans bad credit!

What are bad credit loans?

In simple terms, it is a cash loan that you can borrow even with a bad credit score or poor credit history. The establishment fee on each bad credit cash loan is similar to any other personal loan MiFinance offers. The monthly fees for bad credit loans are also of the same calibre.

The annual percentage rate APR is 35% on a quick cash loan that MiFinance offers you. Unexpected bills and sudden money problems won’t convince big banks to lend you money if you have a bad credit history. But MiFinance knows to look beyond your credit score.

Completely legal process

MiFinance holds an authentic Australian credit licence, and all the customers are protected under the National Customer Protection Law, 2009. All bad credit loans on offer follow the Australian government requirement. As a company, we strictly abide by the laws put by the government for better customer safety from financial fraud. Our comparison rate for each loan and interest rates for big amount loans follow the market standards.

Eligibility criteria

  • These bad credit loans are only for adults (age 18 years or above).
  • Only Australian residents can get access to a bad credit loan.
  • You must have had a regular income for the last 90 days to apply for cash loans. Government benefits are also considered as a source of income.
  • You must have an authentic mobile number and email ID.
  • A personal bank account is an absolute necessity to get these bad credit loans.

Bad credit loans are fundamentally different from other cash loans. These loans can be borrowed with a bad credit rating and without a single credit history check. Central banks will never lend customers money if they have a bad credit score, but MiFinance puts little to no importance on your credit history and credit score. They also offer flexible repayments on their bad credit loans.

What can you expect from MiFinance?

A quick online application process

As soon as your bad credit cash loan is authorised, we will deposit the loan amount immediately into your bank account. It’s the most straightforward approach to receive a quick cash loan you require right away. Any device with an internet connection can be used to apply for bad credit cash loans and borrow money quickly from MiFinance.

The online application form is designed to simplify how you apply for a bad credit personal loan. After you complete your online application, the best-suited lender will be contacted to assist you.

All the details like establishment fee, annual percentage rate, lending criteria are mentioned in full detail in the form. Take a good look at it before borrowing money. Pay special attention to the comparison rate, and know the maximum comparison rate for your bad credit loan.

Responsible lender

Bad credit loans are risky for lenders. It’s really tough to lend money without looking up your bad credit history without creating your credit file. But with a good cause for taking the bad credit cash loan, like an unexpected bill or any other unexpected expenses, you will be able to earn a personal loan from MiFinance easily. MiFinance doesn’t conduct credit checks. As a business, we connect our clients with appropriate lenders by confirming that the lender is comfortable with the loan amount required.

No hidden charges

We prefer transparency between our clients and us. A 20% establishment fee and a 4% monthly fee are common for all our cash loans. The interest rate is zero, and each bad credit loan has no hidden fees. Even with a poor credit history, if you are looking to borrow money fast from MiFinance to get out of your financial hardship, then a bad credit loan is perfect for you. Apply now for quick cash loans bad credit!


When can I get my bad credit loan money?

You can get your bad credit loans amount directly in your bank account within 24 hours of your application. When you have applied for a bad credit cash loan, you can be assured that it will instantly be in your bank account.

How do I pay my bad credit cash loan back?

Generally, for small loans like a cash advance personal loan, a direct debit method is preferred. But for bad credit loans, you should consult an independent financial counsellor.

How much does a bad credit loan cost?

Our personal loans have a 20% establishment fee and a 4% of the principal amount as a monthly fee. You have to pay zero interest rates on our quick loans.

What happens if I do not repay on time?

MiFinance doesn’t perform credit checks, and we don’t like to worsen your already bad credit rating. We understand your financial situation and always try to reschedule your repayment dates. They’ll work with you to restructure your payment plan with the loan amount continued onto a new cycle.

What is responsible lending?

As per the Australian government requirement, we abide by all the norms to help you with your financial situation.