Same day cash loans for unemployed

Same day cash loans for unemployed

Did you lose your job recently? Are you going through financial hardship right now? MiFinance has got you covered. You can get a cash loan today despite being unemployed or with a bad credit score.
But before rushing into MiFinance’s same day cash loans for the unemployed, you must know how these loans work. Obtain independent legal financial advice before choosing your loan amount and loan terms because seeking independent legal advice can be helpful.

You should know how small amount loans have more approval ratings than medium to big amount loans. If you have any queries about how these loans work, call us during regular business hours and get an idea of how small amount loans can be borrowed even with a bad credit history. Apply now for a loan today!

What are loans for the unemployed?

If you have recently lost your job and are facing serious money problems, the cash loans that can help you out are called loans for the unemployed. Each bad credit personal loan one gets even without a regular income comes under this category of loans.

Managing bills can be tough if you have lost your job. Although if you are on government benefits, more specifically on Centrelink benefits, it’ll be easier, and you’ll be able to get your bad credit loan approved more efficiently. But don’t worry if you don’t have any Centrelink benefits; you can still apply for a loan that has a pretty high approval rating.

Legal process

MiFinance holds a genuine Australian credit licence, and each of our customers is protected under National Customer Protection Law, 2009. Every personal loan we offer follows the Australian government requirement. As a business, we diligently follow the regulations enacted by the government to protect customers from financial fraud. Our loans for unemployed people comes with a standard comparison rate, and full loan details are always mentioned in the initial loan application.

Eligibility criteria

  • These payday loans are only for adults (age 18 years or above).
  • Only Australian residents can get access to these fast cash loans.
  • You must have had a regular income for the last 90 days. Government benefits are also considered as a source of income.
  • You must have a valid mobile number and email ID.
  • A personal bank account is an absolute necessity to get these personal loans for unemployed people.

The loans for the unemployed are a little different from other fast loans. These same day loans require more thorough scrutiny before you get connected with direct lenders. You can get small to medium loans through a proper loan application if you are unemployed. There will be no credit checks, and our lenders will lend money to you with a flexible repayment period.

MiFinance has made the process of lending easy

A straightforward online application process

We deposit the loan amount into your bank account as soon as your cash loans for the unemployed get approved. It’s the quickest and easiest method to get instant cash. MiFinance may be accessed from any device with an internet connection to apply for instant cash loans and borrow money immediately.

Our online application form makes applying for an instant cash loan as straightforward as possible. Following the submission of your online application, the most appropriate lender will contact you to assist you.

For unemployed loans, bank statements are needed to get approved. Payday loans require proof of regular income. For any unsecured loans, you need to select a payment plan while applying. The loan calculator will help you to get an idea about loan amounts to be repaid.

Responsible lender

Traditional lenders are wary about unemployed loans. It’s natural to face money problems for unemployed people. Thus any cash loans for the unemployed is a potential area of financial loss for the lender. But with MiFinance, there won’t be any need for an obligation loan quote once your emergency loans get approved. As a company, we don’t include predatory lenders in our lender finding service.
But the loan applicants must know about the comparison rate for each loan. Knowing the maximum comparison rate for personal loans is essential.

Zero hidden charges for personal loans

A 20% establishment fee and a 4% monthly fee are standard for all fast cash loans. No hidden fees are associated with any of our loans for the unemployed. However, we may get a referral fee from the third-party lender based on the deal between you and the lender. Apply now for same day cash loans for the unemployed!


What if I have poor credit?

We don’t conduct an unnecessary credit check that can harm your already bad credit score. Credit history is irrelevant to us while lending you money. But we prefer you talk to our consultant before borrowing our bad credit loans.

When can I get my bad credit personal loan money?

This is included in a loan agreement. It depends on your lender. It will take longer for your fast cash loans to reach your bank account if your lender has a bank account at a different bank than yours.

How do I pay my instant cash loans back?

A direct debit technique is usually recommended for small amount personal loans like a payday loan. However, you should seek financial advice from an independent financial counsellor for same-day cash loans for the unemployed.

What happens if I do not repay on time?

Loan repayments are important for this kind of same-day loan for the unemployed. Payday lenders are stricter for obvious reasons. If you go off track from your repayment period, an additional $30 will be charged. To request a reduction of the remaining loan amount, you have to pay $20 more.

What is responsible lending?

We must ask reasonable inquiries about your requirements and objectives concerning any loan arrangement we provide or propose, as well as your financial condition. As a company, we stick to responsible lending practices as per the Australian government requirement.