Small cash loans

Do you ever feel that a bit of cash in your hand right now will ease the situation you are going through? Did you ever notice how a small financial help could have solved your problem?

We understand how a simple cash flow in the form of loans can save you. Here, at MiFinance, we are willing to lend you the loan amount you need without checking your credit history!

Our easy online application process is client-friendly and completely hassle-free. If you are an Australian resident, apply now online for personal loans.

The user-friendly online application process

You can apply for small cash loans from anywhere in Australia by completing our online application form. If you need a quick small cash loan due to some unexpected bills or an undesirable financial crisis, you should apply online for a personal loan from our website.
Our online process is straightforward and has only three steps.

  • You apply online with the loan amount and the time you want for the repayment.
  • We analyse your lending request and search for a lender.
  • We set an appointment with your potential lender and guarantee a responsible lending procedure.

Our lending process is almost the same for all fast cash loans with slight changes in the details. Now, if you have a bad credit score, you don’t need to worry. Unlike famous banks, we do not check your credit score repeatedly before lending you small cash loans. We make sure that you have immediate access to a cash loan that you can afford.
To avoid any discrepancies in the repayment schedule, we tailor the loan contract according to your income. Your net income may include any government benefits, Centrelink etc. We only lend finance once our experts think you can handle the money and its repayments.

Eligibility for personal loans
If you want to apply for a small loan, you don’t need to have a good credit score. Instead, you just have to qualify for some basic requirements.

  • You need to be of 18 years of age or above.
  • You need to have an active bank account.
  • You have to be an Australian resident.
  • You must have a regular income source for at least three months, be it Centrelink or government benefits from any job.

If all these four criteria are valid, you just need to wait for your personal loan to get approved. Once your cash loan application gets approved, the loan amount will reach your bank account within 24 hours.

Why does someone generally need a cash loan?

After these many years of experience in the field of lending, we have seen a pattern as to why our customers borrow small loans. If you are confused about borrowing a small loan or need more information on how a small loan can help you, contact us now!

Sudden family expenses
You may take care of your family with the aid of a range of small loans. These online small cash loans feature a low monthly fee and a high approval rate, even with a negative credit score. To avoid paying additional fees and charges per month or hurting your credit score, make sure you comply with your chosen lender’s repayment plan.

Unexpected expenses
Apply for rapid emergency online loans with a low establishment fee if you require immediate medical treatment or repairs to your vehicle or house. Within a business day, the loan amount will be sent to your bank account. You can apply online for up to $5,000 in small loans as long as you have proof of regular past income.

Personal expenses
A short-term loan has many advantages as it can be used for your work, personal interest, or just clear credit card debt. Cash loans can also be used to fund large purchases such as a vehicle or a house. You can get quick cash loans from internet lenders to cover your larger expenses. Our flexible loan periods and well-balanced cash loan amounts might help you take your career in new directions. Our average approved small loans are $2,000, but you can get a maximum of $5,000 online.

Why choose MiFinance over others? 

Completely legal and risk-free
We at MiFinance hold an authentic Australian credit licence. From which, you may borrow dependable and certified loans for any reason without any second thoughts. We allow you to pick a suitable repayment period that your lender also approves.

You can get your loan fast
You may benefit from the most convenient online fast cash loan service available, with a simple online application, approval, and disbursal process. Our approval ratings are higher than our competitors, and we are more flexible about cash repayments.

100% online
As mentioned earlier, our online application process is meant to aid the borrower. Without any bank statements, you can borrow money from us through a completely online method. Even the repayments can be paid via online modes.

Standard establishment fee
We have upfront fees and charges. We offer a flat 20% establishment fee on all our loans. Along with it, a 4% monthly fee is also charged for maintenance. It is clearly mentioned in each loan term, and we don’t have any hidden fees and charges.

WARNING This comparison rate only applies to the example given and may not apply to other fees and charges. Different conditions, fees, or loan amounts may result in a different comparison rate from the lender that funds your loan.

Flexible interest rates
Our annual percentage rate differs with the amount borrowed and the schedule of repayments. With small amount loans, the percentage rate is minimal and the establishment fee is the main decider of the total to be paid.
For medium loans, the interest rates are a bit high according to the market standards. Fewer cash repayments can lower your percentage rates greatly, but the maintenance charge per month is the same for all.

MiFinance stands with you in your tough times

We know how hard it gets in the real world. We understand how a little bit of money in hand can improve a situation. Our short-term loans and other various loan options can help you out. Our payday loans can alleviate your stress from unexpected circumstances.
Just complete the application form, set your repayments and choose the amount you want in your bank account within a day.
With a three-month regular income history, you can easily get small loan approval with a minimum repayment time of 90 days. MiFinance is an Australian credit license holder company that supports responsible lending at any cost. Our payday loans, small amount loans, medium value loans etc., have high approval ratings and a specific fee structure.
Know in detail about your cash loan amount and other fees to avoid any issues in repayments later on.  Apply today!


How much does it set you back?
The lender determines your loan’s cost. All of our lenders are encouraged to be transparent about all fees and charges related to their loans. Our Loan Costs website is the simplest method to figure out how much your loan will cost. Unless your lender specifies differently, you can anticipate paying something like this:

Short-term loans ranging from $500 to $2,000

  • 20% of the principal amount (establishment fee)
  • A monthly payment of 4% of the principal amount.
  • We don’t charge interest on our loans between $500 and $2000.

Medium Personal Loans range from $2,001 to $4,600

  • A $400 start-up fee
  • Interest is payable at a rate of 48% per year on a declining balance basis.
  • The APR is 48%, while the comparison rate is 12%.

Large Personal Loans of $5,000 to $10,000

  • Interest is charged at a rate of 48% per year on a declining balance basis, with an APR of 21.24% and a comparison rate of 48%.

What if I’m having financial difficulties?
We understand that your financial situation may change after you take out a loan. If you are having financial difficulties, you should immediately contact your lender, as they may be able to modify your contract.

What are my options for repaying my loan?
You must make your payments on time to avoid incurring any additional fees from your lender. Failure to repay your loan could result in defaults being recorded on your credit report, making it difficult to obtain finance in the future. When your loan is authorised, talk to your lender about setting up a payment schedule to ensure you don’t miss any payments.