Urgent cash loans

Are you going through financial hardship? Do you need urgent cash? We at MiFinance can help you with that. Just go through our fees and charges and apply today for urgent cash loans and other personal loans online!

Our urgent cash loans are completely hassle-free, and we offer a standard establishment fee and a monthly fee for all urgent cash loans.

You can easily meet our eligibility criteria to help you in a tough spot with your financial situation. We have a very straightforward, uncomplicated application process that doesn’t require a comprehensive credit check.

Talk to a free and independent financial counsellor from our helpline to get more guidance and apply for an urgent cash loan now! If you apply for your personal loan during Australian business hours, you can get access to the cash in as less as 60 seconds!

The fastest online loan application process

Our 100% online application process is only three simple steps long. You need to follow one by one as mentioned, and you can receive the loan amount you asked for in your bank account within a matter of hours or days.

  1. Apply online by choosing the loan amount and the repayment time.
  2. We analyse your bank statements and look for a lender that finances your loan.
  3. Once our experts approve your loan term contract, we send the cash to the bank account.

You can access our services anywhere in Australia. Know in detail about fees and charges before borrowing. Although our establishment and monthly fees are standard for all, a different loan amount and repayment schedule can result in a different interest rate.

The high approval process for personal loans

You can borrow a maximum of $5,000 with our urgent cash loans. We suggest checking all available options before borrowing any urgent cash loan from us. It is expensive to borrow small loans, and borrowing may not solve your immediate problems.

If you need a loan with a bad credit history, MiFinance is the right place for you. Even with bad credit, our urgent cash loan approval ratings are high. If you are eligible as per our terms and conditions, we won’t stop you from getting an urgent cash loan only based on your bad credit history.

Our emergency loans are tailored for customers in grave need. Our comparison rate is variable and follows the market standard. Apply for a personal loan today if you need financial assistance.

Eligibility criteria for urgent cash loan application

Despite our excellent acceptance rates, we needed to establish some fundamental criteria for providing money through personal loans.

Only Australian residents can access our urgent cash loan services.

You have to be of at least 18 years of age.

You must have a regular income source. It could be any government benefit or Centrelink.

You must have an active bank account.

If you are qualified, we will examine your bank statements for the last 90 days before transferring funds to your bank account. Check the comparison rate carefully as fees and charges change with the chosen urgent cash loan amount and payment terms. Contact us now to apply for a loan!

Why borrow money from us for your urgent cash loans?

Transparent fees and charges

On all of our urgent cash loans online, we charge a flat 20% establishment fee. We believe this is the industry norm for a maintenance charge. Our monthly cost is 4%, and it is the same for all urgent cash loans.
The monthly charge for all emergency cash loans covers maintenance expenditures and is included in the total amount owed. We practice responsible lending and help you choose a suitable urgent cash loan contract.

Legal process

MiFinance has an Australian credit licence, so we may legally lend money to anybody from anywhere in Australia. In line with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, we have determined our setup charge and interest rate for any type of urgent cash loan term and other personal loans.

Swift money transfer

Once your application gets approved, you may have the money you need in your bank account in as little as 60 seconds with our urgent cash loans. But we suggest our customers adhere to the repayment schedule they have chosen. Our repayments are tailored to your preferences, and most of our clients pay through direct debit.

100% online
Complete the online application and wait for your personal loans to be authorised. You can borrow small amounts of money from us to solve your money problems.

To apply for an urgent personal loan, any customer can directly use our online application form available on our website. The website shows you how small loans work and suggests other options that may help you.

Where should you use an Urgent Cash Loan?

An urgent cash loan can act as a small boost in money, and borrowing may solve your in-hand problems. Our urgent cash loans help our customers with instant cash flow within a short time. The borrower can choose the repayment schedules before making the application.

Health emergencies

The most bizarre reason to take out a personal loan is a medical emergency. The only thing that matters in such a situation is that you obtain the money from somewhere. MiFinance’s urgent cash loans will provide you with the fast cash that you need.

Regular bills

Your medical bills, power bills and other bills may have been lost in the shuffle of your daily life. Maybe you have forgotten about reimbursing your credit cards. If you are late paying your bills, talk to your electricity, gas, phone or water provider to see if you can work out a payment plan. Although there are many options for managing bills and debts, taking small loans can also help you in a bad financial situation.

Unexpected expenses

You may need an urgent cash loan to deal with unexpected expenses like car repairs, house repairs, etc. Once convinced about your income source, the lender that finances your loan can get your required urgent cash loan amount. Apply today and get your hands on urgent cash loans!


How much does an urgent cash loan cost?

Our loans come with a flat 20% establishment fee and a 4% monthly fee. The comparison rate is variable based on the loan amount and payment schedule.

What should you do if you can’t pay us back?

The first thing you should do is to let us know about the situation so that we can change the repayment schedule for your loan term. You can pay $20 and request a reduction in the payment amount. If you miss a repayment, you have to pay an extra $30.

How can you contact us for any financial advice?

Get in touch with us through our website, or simply call us for a free first financial consultation.