Fast cash loans Australia

Have you ever faced a situation where you needed a lump sum within a few hours? We know how clueless you may feel in such cases. Our quick cash loans are the most straightforward way out.

At MiFinance, we offer loans at a standard interest rate and minimal fees and charges to our customers, which they can get within minutes.  Apply now through our online application process and get the loan amount in your bank account approved within 60 minutes.

Benefits of an Instant Cash Loan

There is a subtle difference between fast cash loans and small amount cash loans. In the former, generally, the need for cash is more urgent. The situation is more difficult; hence it needs quick cash input.

Our cash loan option grants our customers a quick cash flow within an hour or so. The repayments are flexible with a considerable annual percentage fee.

A few situations where a fast cash loan can benefit you:

Health emergency

The most unfortunate circumstance to borrow a cash loan is health emergencies. Most of the time, it is almost impossible to anticipate a health emergency. You can’t know when fate strikes. At that moment, all that is important is to get the money from anywhere.

A cash loan online application at MiFinance can get you quick cash. Looking at your bank statement for the last 90 days can get you the loan amount you seek. We offer a standard establishment fee and a monthly fee with these loans all over Australia, along with customisable repayments schedules.

Family expenses

Sometimes, for your loved ones, you may need a few extra pennies. Maybe it’s for a gift for a special occasion or an important cause like education or so. A personal loan will be perfect in these situations. According to your financial need, you can borrow a short-term loan today and pay us back as per your repayment schedule later.

Pending bills

You may have missed your medical bills, electricity bills etc., in the clutter of your work and social life. Maybe it’s not ideal to forget about the monthly bills, but it’s totally understandable. You can overcome a few misses, but you may have to borrow a small loan to balance out the expenses if this continues.

Unexpected bills

Sometimes, you may need financial assistance for various reasons, like car repair, house repair, etc. We are ready to lend you the money you require. As you already have a car or house, you’ll likely have a regular income. With such conditions, your approval rate will maximise. Apply for an online loan on our website and get the money in your bank account within a few hours.

Cash flow support

Small cash support is something you may need. The money required is generally the smallest in this case. For some instant cash before any social occasion or for your business, fill out the online application form and get instant approval. Pay us back when you get your monthly salary in your account and increase your personal credit score.

Eligibility criteria

Although our approval ratings are pretty high, we still needed to set some basic criteria for lending money through personal loans.

  • You need to be an Australian resident.
  • You must be an adult (18 years or above).
  • You must have a regular income source. We consider government benefits and Centrelink as income sources too.
  • You must have an active bank account.

If you are eligible, we need to look at the bank statements for the last 90 days before we can credit the money to your bank account. Contact us today if you have any queries!

What makes us, MiFinance, best suited for you?

There are a bunch of online lending companies in the Australian finance market. So, why should you choose us in your time of need?

Here are your answers:

Upfront establishment fee

We ask for a flat 20% establishment fee on any of our loans. This is the market standard for an establishment fee, and we stand by it. Our monthly fee is 4%, and it too is fixed for all our loans. The monthly fee is for the maintenance costs and is included in the final amount to be paid back.

Completely legal

Mi Finance holds an Australian credit licence, and legally we can lend money to anyone if they are applying online from anywhere in Australia. We have set our establishment fee for any kind of loan in accordance with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009.

The maintenance fee we charge per month is also according to this act. Contact us to get our Australian licence number and check our direct company history.

Get your money fast

With our quick cash loans, you can get the required money into your bank account within 60 minutes. Once you are approved, all you have to focus is on the credit repayments. Our repayments are tailored at your convenience, and our customers follow the direct debit method to pay the repayments.

100% Online

You can fill out the application form online and wait for your personal loans to be approved. With a transparent establishment fee and repayment schedule, boost your financial situation by borrowing from us. Any customer can access our direct online application form to apply for a personal loan.

Loan calculator

The loan calculator is a feature on our business website that can show you the amount of money to be paid off once you borrow from us. It shows the repayment frequency, monthly fees, comparison costs and interest rates for all types of financial loans, from small to medium to large loans.

The quick and easy application process

If you want to apply for short term loans, you need to follow only three simple steps,

  1. Apply online and select repayment period.
  2. We analyse the bank statements of the customer.
  3. Once approved by our experts, we send the cash to the bank account.

Our service is exclusive to Australian residents, and it ends once the repayment process is completed. Read the loan contract carefully and know about the monthly fees and the repayment fee.

Don’t hesitate even if you have bad credit

If the bad credit history is what is stopping you from taking a personal loan that you need, you should go to our customer service helpline for a clearer idea about our service.

Our direct access small to medium loans have a higher approval rating, and the application process is 100% online. You’ll know the amount you will have to pay us back before you borrow. Read all the terms and conditions before starting the credit application process. Apply today!


What is the maximum amount I can borrow?

Depending on your eligibility, you can apply for short-term loans ranging from $500 to $2,000, secured personal loans ranging from $2,100 to $4,600, or longer-term loans ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 with MiFinance. Depending on the type of loan and the lender’s requirements, loan periods might vary from 6 to 36 months.

What happens if I don’t keep up with my repayments?

If you don’t make your repayments, you risk having your default recorded on your credit report, which can have a negative impact on your credit history and last for up to seven years. If your circumstances unexpectedly change, your bank account may be transferred to an external debt collection agency.

Contact your lender and explain your situation to them; they’re typically very understanding and will attempt to help you with the repayments where they can.

Is there a renewal charge?

There are no additional charges for renewal. Loans are not renewed by rolling them over or refinancing them at MiFinance. You can, however, apply for another loan. If you’ve successfully settled a previous loan, it’s usually considerably easier to apply for and be authorised for a repeat loan.