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The repayment frequency will match your income cycle. The total to repay is the same for each cycle.

ABN loans on line + on time

MiFinance ABN loans are for immediate financing needs, not for long periods or big amounts. You won’t find a bank that can lend as fast as us, time after time.

ABN loans are most useful for sub-contractors and sole traders, while they wait to get paid for their job or invoice, so they can:

  • purchase stock and material, or
  • pay an off-sider’s wages, or
  • pay other living expenses etc.

We need 90 days of your bank statements, which is simple to provide using our “Credit Sense” link, to check you have regular income. No security gets handed over and it can all be done online. Because the loan is for business purposes our fees are claimable expenses for tax too.

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Easy commercial lending

Have you ever considered invoice discounting or another commercial form of borrowing for cash flow?

Our 30 day ABN loans are far simpler. The other types require a really long look at your books, examine the history of when your customers pay you and sometimes get involved in your relationship with your customer. We just need 90 days of bank statements to see everything is working OK and that you are getting enough income to manage what you want to borrow.

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Much cheaper and easier than pawning

If you’ve ever pawned an item to get you through, you’ll see our ABN loans will be much cheaper and easier than pawning- plus there’s no need to hand over your equipment or goods as security.

The biggest pawnbroker, Cash Converters, now charges up to 40% interest for 30 days! And they’ll charge that again if you need another 30 days. Compare that to our handy ABN loans. We charge 20% for 30 days. Half the price!

For example, to borrow $500, a MiFinance ABN loan costs $100 for a month, but a pawn costs up to $200 for a month. Why pay double to pawn, and also have to provide security?

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Don’t have an ABN?

Follow this link back to our non-business payday advances.

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