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Looking for an instant approval loan? MiFinance is the best place to get funding. We have lenders from all over the country, and we will help you find the right one for your needs. You can apply online in minutes with our easy-to-use platform and get an answer within 24 hours. It’s never been easier to get instantly approved loans. Need cash today? Get started today by completing our quick online loan application form or call us at 1800-825-805. Our team of experts are here to help you every step of the way. Apply now!

Cash loans

You can run into various emergencies in life, and with a poor credit score, it’s not easy to organise instant personal loans from a bank. Our cash loans help you receive instant cash online. We connect your requirements to a host of lenders who provide customised personal loans online.

Visit our website and complete the loan form with your loan amount, and our expert team will get in touch with you. Wait for your loan application to get approved and receive instant cash today.

Benefits of instant cash loans

Instant cash loans can come to your rescue whenever you need fast cash. You can get short-term loans from anywhere between $500 to $4,600 to help secure your finances in your time of need. The tenure of short-term loans extends to a maximum of 24 months without a high establishment fee.

All you need to secure a loan is a regular income for three months. We perform a credit check and contact lenders to ensure your fast cash loans are processed and available to you as soon as possible.

Less documentation

Everyone hates the hassle of going through long procedures and tedious documentation for a personal loan. Our services are tailored to help you easily get instant cash loans. All you have to do is use our loan calculator to find a repayment plan that suits your financial condition and apply.

We abide by Consumer Credit Protection Act that allows you to feel more confident about the lenders who work with us.

Low credit score

MiFinance looks beyond bad credit scores and values your requirements over that. In emergencies, you may require instant approval for a personal loan or a cash loan. Our expert team will get your loan requirements approved by responsible lenders, and you can get cash transferred to your bank account instantly. At MiFinance, you can avoid the trouble of complicated loan approval procedures and get short-term cash loans with a flat establishment fee today.

How does instant approval work?

Getting a cash loan is simple; you won’t even have to face a credit check. We check to see if you meet our loan eligibility criteria with personal loans, and your application will be processed immediately. Unlike other lenders who can take up to 3 days before approving online loans, we instantly approve most cash loan applications. Online loan approval is just a matter of hours. A typical personal loan could be approved in as little time as a day.

We ideally look for three things before approving your loan request, including your age, residency and a regular income for three months. Once our lenders give us instant approval, the cash is sent straight into your bank account!

Simple renewal options

Repaying instant cash loans can be difficult. Our no renewal fee policy allows you to feel more comfortable taking a personal loan from us. At MiFinance, we roll over the outstanding amount to refinance the loan without making you pay any additional establishment fee.

Sometimes, in life, you need cash, and with the increasing cost of products and services, having easy access to loans online can reduce the financial stress in your life. Once you link your bank account to our website, you can avail and easily repay a personal loan for some extra cash. We are dedicated to securing your financial future. Our tailor-made loan application process is created by loan experts that offer financial stability and safety to all our customers.

Is it safe to take a loan from us?

We are covered by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, which means that legal rights protect you. Australia’s governing body regulates us on credit participation which helps us make several government benefits available to you. We ensure responsible lending for our instant loans, which can be a huge relief when you’re looking for instant approval from an online loan application.

At MiFinance, you can get loans with a flat establishment fee. We are an Australian credit licence holding organisation. Just follow the simple application process to get quick cash from a reputed and responsible lender. Get instant approved loans. Need cash today? Apply now!


How soon can I get my loan processed?

Once you have made an online application for your personal loan, our team gets in touch with responsible lenders with your loan requirements. The processing is almost instant, and the money is transferred directly to your bank account. We will check whether you meet our eligibility criteria before granting you a loan. Once we have gotten you the best lender in the market and cross-checked all your details, your loan will be approved instantly.

Do I need any documents verified?

Yes, you do need verified documents like a registered mobile number and email address. Additionally, you are required to have a regular income for at least three months and must be above 18 years old. Documents establishing your income, contact information, and age are the only documents you need for instant approval for your personal loan application.

What happens if I can’t stick to my repayment structure?

We understand that your loan amount isn’t something you can pay off immediately. If you can’t stick to your payment schedule, we will take the outstanding amount for the loan and refinance it with a new tenure to suit your needs. So, don’t worry about a credit check and apply for a loan if you need cash today.